Social Studies

Note: The outline and order shown here is to help you get a general idea of what we learn in fifth grade. However, please be aware that the exact topics, order and materials used may vary in order to best meet the needs of the 5CK learners.

Overview: American People American Land

  • The American People
  • Government by the People
  • Free Enterrprise
  • Land and Regions
  • Resources and the Envrionment

Chapter 1: Life in the Western Hemisphere

  • Migration to the Americas
  • Eearly American Cultures
  • The Rise of Empires

Chapter 2: Native Americans and North America

  • The Eastern Woodlands
  • The Great Plains
  • The Southwest Desert
  • The Northwest Coast

Chapter 3: Life in the Eastern Hemisphere

  • Traveling Asia’s Silk Road
  • Africa’s Trading Empires
  • Eureopean Explorer

Chapter 4: Spain Builds an Empire

  • The Voyages of Columbus
  • Different Worlds Collide
  • Life in New Spain

Chapter 5: The Struggle to Found Colonies

  • Hard Times in Virginia
  • New European Colonies
  • The First Colonies
  • The 13 England Colonies

Chapter 6: Life in the English Colonies

  • Working and Trading
  • Cities Towns and Farms
  • Everyday Life in the Colonies
  • Slavery in the Colonies

Chapter 7: The Fight for a Continent

  • The Spainish Move North
  • French Explore the Mississippi
  • The French and Indian War

Chapter 8: The Road to War

  • Trouble Over Taxes
  • The Colonists Rebel
  • The Revolution Begins

Chapter 9: Winning the Revolution

  • Declaring Independence
  • Patriots at War
  • The World Turned Upside Down

Chapter 10: Forming a New Government

  • A Weak Government
  • Here and There
  • Debate In Philadelphia
  • Ratifying the Constitution

Chapter 11: The Young United States

  • Washington as President
  • Jefferson Looks West
  • Another War with Britain

Chapter 12: Times of Change

  • The U.S. Turns 50
  • A New Kind of Revolution
  • The Struggle for Reforms

Chapter 13: People Moving South and West

  • Settling the South and Texas
  • Trails to the West
  • The Golden State

Chapter 14: A Divided Nation

  • North and South Grow Apart
  • Resisting Slavery
  • The Struggle Over Slavery
  • The First Shots are Fired

Chapter 15: War and Reconstruction

  • The Early Stages of War
  • Life During the War
  • How the North Won
  • The End of Slavery


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5CK Super Star Values

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Curiousity