Accessing Assessment Results

Open the SSO

Visit and use your student’s username and password to log in. Please note that family logins do not work for Big Ideas Math.

Locate Big Ideas Math icon and launch app

You will see a collection of tools and resources. Your screen may vary.

Look for the Big Ideas Math icon that looks like this:

Click it to open the application. If the login fails, return the SSO dashboard and try clicking the icon again.

Open the assignments dashboard

In the bottom left of the page, look for the red “All Assignments” button.

Change the view to show submitted assignments

In many cases the next screen will show “No records found.” To see the results of submitted and graded assignments, click the “Submitted” tab as shown here:

Pick an assessment

The next screen will show all available assignments and assessments. Your screen will vary from the example below, but once you find the one you are interested in, click the name of it as shown:

In some cases, you may need to click the “load more…” button at the bottom of the table to see additional assignments.

Review results and access resources

The next screen will show information such as the final score and how long the student spent on the assessment as well as circular graphs of incorrect (red), partially correct (orange) and correct (green) problems.

By default, the first question is shown. In this example, the student got question 1 right with an answer of 105. There are links to resources related to this problem and skill on the right under “Support Options.”

To view detail of each other question, click the “+” sign next to each one to expand the panel and view the students’ input plus any available resources.

Questions marked with the orange “half moon” icon are generally problems where the student got the answer incorrect but was given partial credit for showing their work.


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