Homework for 02/15/2023


  • Science: Study for earths systems assessment on 2-17-23
  • Social Studies: None
  • ELA: working towards your reading goal {Every student should be reading 30 mins. nightly}
  • Writing: None
  • Word Study: Define affixes that are written in word study notebook Assessment on 2-22-23
  • 5CK Math: Handout given by Mr. Cook Due 2-17-23
  • 5G Math: Lesson 15 problem set Due 2-17-23
  • 5P Math: Group 2: Lesson 12 Due 2-17-23 other group assignments were not reported
  • SEL: None


– Tonight is FAMILY READING NIGHT, February 15th from 6:15-7:30 for our May Watts Reading Night! The theme is a "glow" party that will include glow in the dark reading activities. (Current students will receive a finger light-while supplies last.) We'd like to thank the May Watts PTA for supporting this event!
– The 5th Grade Growth & Development Presentation is scheduled for tomorrow from 9:30 AM to 11:30; No math classes will meet. The grade level will be together for a portion and the separated by gender with a certified health professional of the appropriate gender facilitating a second session. Please contact principal LeCrone with any questions or concerns.
– 5th Grade Lunch and recess will begin at 1:10 tomorrow. Please have your learner eat breakfast. Organic life lunch services will operate as normal.

Since this list may be student generated and posted from a mobile device, please excuse any typos. Please note there may be cases when this list is not complete. Students are still responsible for homework that may not be listed here.


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5CK Super Star Values

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Curiousity