Family Remote Learning Expectations

Remote learning, just like “regular” school learning, requires the support of students’ family members, particularly those who they live with or are spending remote learning time with.

  • Encourage students to eat breakfast prior to the start of Zoom classes.
  • Check in with students on their homework each day.
  • Help your learner create a designated learning and work space that is free of distractions, well lit and properly set up with a surface for a device, access to power and proper supplies.
  • Encourage students to be prepared with necessary learning materials.
  • Encourage students take ownership and responsibility over their own learning.
  • Report daylong student absences on ParentVue if necessary. Student absences during specific classes will be recorded by teachers.

Individuals are prohibited from recording school-related video conferences and/or audio conferences (including but not limited to instruction, small group activities, and other educational services). Pursuant to applicable confidentiality and privacy laws, the School District does not authorize or consent to any such recording. Parents/guardians, students, and all others must not record remote learning educational activities, instruction, and/or services. Violations of this requirement will result in consequences, which may include removal of the student’s access to remote learning activities and/or discipline for student misconduct.


Scholastic Ordering

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5CK Super Star Values

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Curiousity